Your Honey Bunny

Meet your new honey bunny, delicious women, who should not even be on Cherry if you ask me. Someone with a face like that can sell anything to anyone. But I get it, that's Theory. In practise, most guys want to be in her panties as fast as possible and when they get bored, hunt for something sweeter. Well this bunny knows how it works, and Cherry knows her visitors and fans on the website, they just bring 1 and 1 together and that's about it. However, the traffic in her room is people with a pretty big expectation level, spoiled TUBE site visitors who think the model is already paid for. The quality of the site you receive traffic from is the quality you sent to your performers. Maybe you are a better man, with polite words and some morals. I sincerely hope you are one of those guys I sent to a room that can behave himself. I feel pretty guilty sending assholes to a cam girl. But yeah, here we are. So for the sake of a better tomorrow, be nice to your new Honey Bunny, or just fuck off!

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