Puppy Ailen

Hi, wonderful people! Erin, from mainland China. For years, I've saved money to visit Taiwan, a bucket list item. Born in 2005, I am 165cm tall and 46kg, with a beautiful C cup that adds spice to my image. I'm following my love in dancing at the dance department. Secret: I love being dominated and disciplined. Using my body to perform and drive you crazy is thrilling. I hope you like that aspect of me. Now, engagement rules: Keep personal inquiries private. Please stop asking for paid meetings—I'm contemplating it. Please don't insult me or other viewers. Consider buying a gift (from 1,000 gems) to start private performances or tickets. Every minute of performance costs 1,000 gems. Customized films have 10 purple and black diamonds each minute (with face) or 5 (without face). I'll wear a mask for my free live broadcasts for privacy. After payment, I'll happily remove the mask. I'll greet newbies warmly. Remember, we'll be off Mondays, so no empty goodbyes. Keep this environment warm and positive!

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