Lola Stars

There was a day Lola was thinking "There is more, but where" and she started to search in the newspapers for something that would catch her eye, and then some ad passed where half of the world is promised to her. Not knowing this would mean she has to be naked and nude, she did go on the interview. The studio manager saw some opportunity in her and told her that if she is able to make people pay for her naked body, she would get half of the earnings. Little did she know, it was 100% up to her if guys would be able to do this, and little did she know, not anyone in her room came with a bag of gold to give her a free day. That smile you see on her face and in her eyes is a smile that says she is new, and not knowing what she started. If you feel nice enough, and you want to be a gentleman, tell her what she started, maybe you and her can finish this.

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