Katy Belladonna

I am Katy, a girl who is very sociable and playful, and I am willing to make your wishes come true. Playing, having fun, laughing, and having a good conversation are all things that I truly enjoy doing, and most importantly, they make me happy. I am a very passionate and romantic person, and I adore being treated like a beautiful lady, but I also enjoy being a little wilder when I am in the room. Manners and a sense of humor are both excellent. Simple individuals who enjoy a little bit of extravagance are my favorite kind of people. Each and every comment, gift, compliment, and interesting tidbit about me is greatly appreciated. Italian cuisine, flowers, and my dogs Tara Gaston and Wanday are some of my favorite things. I want to be your fantasy friend and the best model in the world. That is my dream. The following is a list of my desires that, if granted, would bring me joy. I am grateful to you, my sweetheart.

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