Ein Neues Leben

For the Germanic visitors, no need to explain. For those who are a little deeper down the line, her stage name means "A New Life" and obviously this is what is happening while she is broadcasting. She was reviewed on many live cam sites and has been put down as one of the models with a lesser skill set, and people did not like the idea she was between all those glamour models. Yes, she is 100% amateur, not broadcasting from some catchy studio. She is a rising amateur star for many years but overlooked by so many. One of the reasons this happened was the fact she never showed her face. It took her a long time to find out that those pretty eyes she has are the moon lights in the darkness, her smile is melting the icecaps, and everything she is just...super cute and sweet. Nothing is fake, it is like you want to it be, natural and pure. Her moments with her fans, as you can see yourself, are positive and funny. This is what makes CherryTV unique, they are able to make her show her real self, and that's pretty fucking hot if you ask me!

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