Arisa Cherry

Hello there! Pleasure to meet everyone! Hi there! I'm Arisa, a proud resident of Japan, living in the vibrant heart of the country. I may not be fluent in Chinese, but I'm enthusiastic about learning and giving it my all. Let's all come together and enjoy ourselves! It works like this: you can sign up on my profile page on SWAG Live to become a fan and send me messages. I'm thrilled to be able to communicate with you in any language you prefer. Perhaps I will utilize a translation software, but my intention is solely to engage in communication with you. I made a small introduction movie, and it's available on my profile for you to check out! You'll be able to see it when you come to me. Don't worry, I won't bite. I am delighted to be at SWAG Live and feel completely at ease discussing more risqué topics. Also, just a side note, I have really large breasts!

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